About us

CitiZenit is a non-governmental organization based in Arad, aiming to develop the cultural sector by initiating an independent platform for regeneration projects, artistic expression and distribution. This platform represents a long term initiative intended to explore the local heritage, by implementing restoration projects, promoting contemporary art & non-formal education and by activating the local community.

Our mission is to change the vocabulary of the local community when describing their living experience in Arad. We dare the CitiZenit community, starting with us, to adopt a new discourse.

Amoung our most notable projects stand:

  • Particles Festival

    An itinerary event for exploration of the contemporary arts, taking place during 48 hours in alternative locations in Arad.

  • Reset Teba

    The first urban and cultural regeneration project in Arad, initiated in May 2015 at the former textile factory Teba.

  • Film Workshop

    An independent platform for film production and education, dedicated to the young filmmakers from the region.

  • Dialogues about architecture and design

    A series of discussions, presentations and workshops that explore methods of public space intervention through concepts derived from contemporary architecture and design.