CitiZenit is an independent multidisciplinary cultural platform based in Arad, which aims to promote contemporary art, non-formal education and to mobilise the local community, through urban regeneration projects. CitiZenit’s activity is oriented towards the (re)activation of unused/derelict spaces and consists, mainly, of cinematography, contemporary art, urban design and performance arts projects.

Amoung our most important projects stand:

  • Particles Festival

    An itinerary event for exploration of the contemporary arts, taking place during 48 hours in alternative locations in Arad.

  • Film Workshop

    An independent platform for film production and education, dedicated to the young filmmakers from the region.

  • Cinema Arta

    Revival project of one of the former cinemas in Arad, started in 2017 with the support of The City Hall alongside the Municipal Center of Culture Arad featuring a series of weekly screenings.

  • Reset Teba

    The first urban and cultural regeneration project in Arad, developed from May 2015 until October 2016 at the former textile factory Teba.

  • Dialogues about architecture and design

    A series of discussions, presentations and workshops that explore methods of intervention in the public space through concepts derived from contemporary architecture and design.