Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival is an art and music independent festival, taking place every year for 48 hours in alternative or rehabilitated spaces in Arad. For two days in a row, Particles crosses and fuses boundaries between the arts by setting up an interdisciplinary laboratory where the audience can experiment with contemporary arts through workshops, exhibitions, discussions, screenings, concerts, urban interventions.

For the first edition of Particles Festival, held between 29-31 May 2015, we rehabilitated two halls from the former textile factory Teba, the space where all of the events of the festival took place. After this first event, we continued to host cultural events at Teba, attracting other cultural initiatives there – artists, independent institutions and other projects.

During the second edition of the festival, which took place between 24-26 June 2016, we spread the festival throughout the whole city, hosting events in places which are either currently not in use, or are not used and explored to their highest potential and don’t have a cultural purpose. We also continued to promote the structure we established during the first edition of the festival, offering the public the opportunity to interact with a multitude of arts (music, film, dance, theatre, urban art, photography and contemporary art).

For the third edition of the festival, held between 11-13 May 2018, we rehabilitated, regenerated and transformed the Mureş bank located within the Riviera Sports Complex and summoned the audience and guests to 48 hours of multisensory and multicultural frenzy. Alternative, inventive, underground, and especially alive, Particles was born out of our desire to enjoy ourselves, relax and experiment together. Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival is part of our long-term initiative to explore the local cultural heritage, through urban regeneration projects and interventions.


Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival – first edition

Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival – second edition

Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival – third edition