Reset Teba

Reset Teba is the very first urban and cultural regeneration project in Arad. By converting the halls of the former textile factory into alternative and multi-purpose spaces, we managed to transform Teba into a temporary incubator for the contemporary arts, an independent platform for creative, interdisciplinary projects, as well as for periodical cultural events.

We began in May 2015 with Particles – Intermedia Lab and Music Festival, a series of events which took place over the course of 48 hours, consisting of film screenings, dance, music and visual arts workshops, electronic music concerts and performance media acts. With Particles Festival’s first edition we officially re-opened the newly re-purposed Teba halls temporarily converting them into an alternative art gallery and cinema.

Subsequently, we continued hosting events and organizing workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and concerts on a weekly basis until October 2016. Since launching this project we have managed to attract several artists, cultural organizations and independent projects (from diverse cultural fields starting with, but not limited to: film, visual arts, music, architecture, design and urban art) as well as a series of partners, private institutions and sponsors, which constantly support our activities and goals.